About us

“Like all great stories, ours begin in a small basement.

Back then the idea was to create authentic yet timeless leather shoes,  that are properly made and will last.

In 2009 that dream became real in Downtown İstanbul. After more than a decade since Inuovo became International, we stuck to our core and offer our customers shoes with a story behind it. Shoes that make them feel a whole lot better,  at a fair price.

Design Language

We like to keep things simple. We are down to earth people who reject the restrictions of the fast fashion industry and uniquely redefine the classics every season. We believe in the power of the colors of mother nature.  We love the pastel hues of the flowers, blues of the sky and the sea. Earthy colors in every shade. We are in love with the sun, bright red of an apple.

We care about the comfort, a lot. And we know a thing or two about how to make a good looking pair of shoes comfortable.

We‘re constantly working closely with our suppliers and community to keep up with the latest technology.

Staying Local:

We choose quality over quantity. It is the local artisans who are the heroes behind the curtain. We believe in traditional craftsmanship and support family-owned ateliers.”